We would like to bring up the learning platform for Indonesia youths to learn in Singapore through ASEAN Startup Accelerator 2nd Class. The event is positioned as 3-days interactive and comprehensive camp that will equip participants with essential entrepreneurship skills, build core team to start future startup, to identify the possible global entrepreneurial opportunities available impacted to their local area and to make AFTA succeed.


CEO & CTO Class

It’s more than just a seminar! Targeted topics with CEO and CTO and gained a brand new way of thinking from our experts!

Team Pitching

No matter you’re coming in a team or individually, you need to pitch your business plan to the whole team. Pitch everyone, find your team power, and begin your startup dream!


Not only meeting with diverse participants, you will connected to many people from Singapore incubators, university fellows, expertise, and founders of company.

Meet The CEO and CTO

CEO defines of Currently Extraordinary Officer and CTO for Conduct Technology Outstanding. Those great people who are founding team of a business in any scale and top management in a company or build the IT system will be there for our participants. Learn directly from them like meeting an old friend!

Company Visit

Curious of how is Singapore’s leading startup incubator? Fear not, you’ll see the team directly at the Headquarter of incubator!

Name of The Event : ASEAN Startup Accelerator – 2nd Class

Theme : Ready to Define Your Startup?

Place : Kaplan University Hall*

Time : 10th – 12th July 2017  (Monday – Wednesday)

Participants : 100 Indonesian students (Full Capacity)

Our Mentors

Mentors for our event

Our Partners

Partners for our event