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Sahabat Kos

Sahabat Kos

Sahabat Kos, an information system to help college students around Depok in finding the best place to stay based on their preferences. Sahabat Kos not only display information about kos but also provides information about places to eat, laundry places, and also grocery stores so it can help college student adapt with their new environment. Sahabat Kos has 3 target markets, there are College Students, Owner of Kos and owner service like Owner of Restaurant, Laundry, and Grocery.



WeGreen! Is one of the start-up companies engaged in the retail of recycled goods in Indonesia. We Green! As a company engaged in retail e-commerce in Indonesia hope to provide convenience for the community in buying various types of recycled products from various categories, ranging from household appliances, plant fertilizers, and other tools, by accessing sites and applications from WeGreen!. Supported by cash-on-delivery payment facility, it makes it easy for consumers to get recycled goods. In addition, WeGreen! Also provide waste pickup facility in the people to be processed into waste processing.

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