Indonesia Youth Academy (IYA) was founded with the goal of connecting and empowering student entrepreneurs all over southeast asia to create a global network of innovators.


Association of South-East ASIAN Nation, known as ASEAN has been united as one since few years ago and created ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). This become a multinational challenge to each nation in ASEAN to encourage their communities to participate and take part to enlarge economic in any sector, especially industrial, information technology, and home local production (micro sector). The mission is to focus on what should ASEAN do to solve and strengthen economic power among ASEAN countries.



IYA will support and foster strong young passionate entrepreneurs where they able to easily connect and share their ideas and solutions with each other.


IYA will collaborate with the experts to scale up young passionate entrepreneurs mindset and develop them to be young innovators.


IYA will build young passionate entrepreneurs to constantly conduct innovation so they able to solve the world's problems for billions of everyday people.

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We focus on providing significant value in the forms of learning, networking, and fun.Through our method we believe its time for millennials to rock the future.

Asean Startup Accelerator

“The first kick to real startup“

Have you ever dream to get Coach by Startup’s and Top Management Company from southeast asian? Lets Get the chance to hear from the expert and discuss further about startup kick-off.you can also build your core team and all the participant will get challenge to  think creatively of innovation solutions from many points of view.

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Startup Goes to Campus

“The Round Table of Entrepreneurship Educators”

We’ve all been student at one point so we know that student have great ideas! Startup Goes to Campus is all about enabling these students to turn their ideas into realities, whether they be simple websites advances mobile apps, or fast growing businesses.

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Previous Program

Our past program for millenials to rock the future

Asean Startup Accelerator 1st Class

Malaysia 3rd-6th February 2017

Startup Goes to Campus UI Chapter

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Mentors from our past and next events

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Partners from our past and next events

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